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  • An occupational therapist will provide an initial phone consultation to determine if an assessment is needed. If an evaluation has already been conducted, a therapist will review the report and discuss further options.
  • If our therapists recommend an evaluation, this will consist of a written report with findings. A follow-up meeting is set up to discuss the evaluator’s results and recommendations.
  • School visits and calls to other professionals are made when deemed appropriate or at the request of a family.


  • Session frequency and length are based on the recommendation of the therapist. Most sessions last 45 minutes or an hour, which allows for time for the therapists to consult with the parents or caregivers.
  • If needed, your therapist will offer separate scheduled times to update parents on their child’s current treatment, progress and future treatment plans.
  • Our therapists can provide updated written reports at the request of families and are done for an additional fee.

Working with Schools:

  • Our therapists work closely with schools, teachers, as well as provide strategies and techniques for children who have different learning styles.
  • On-site school visits to observe children or support teachers can be arranged with your child’s therapists.

Payment for Services:

  • Fees for evaluations are based on type of assessment recommended. Weekly sessions fees are based on frequency and duration of services.
  • Payment for services is rendered during each visit.
  • Although we do not participate with insurance providers, we do provide weekly bills with the appropriate information that allows each family to submit for insurance. For more information on insurance, contact Melissa at (973) 376-0055.